Grand Canyon
Day Hiking Adventures

Day hiking in the Grand Canyon is a truly special adventure.  Splendorous views, humbling canyon walls, and nearly 2 billion years of geologic time beckon from the rim.  Although there are countless adventures to be had in this most Grand of canyons, we have chosen some of our favorites.  Feel free to ​ contact us with any questions, or to create your own Grand Canyon Day.  Check out our Trip Calendar to see all of our great adventures!

  Hermit Trail to Dripping Springs

  Bright Angel Trail to INdian Gardens

grand canyon hiking hermit trail
grand canyon bright angel trail hiking

Hermit to Dripping Springs is simply one of the finest hikes to be had in the Grand Canyon.  It is less crowded than the corridor trails, and has a very high work/reward ratio.  A wonderful lunch spot in a spectacular alcove awaits.

Difficulty:   Undergraduate +

This is likely the most popular route in the Canyon.  A well-maintained trail, sweeping iconic views, and a quintessential Grand Canyon experience are just part of this adventure.

​Difficulty:   Graduate
Trip Details
Trip Details

  South Kaibab to The Tipoff

  Tanner Trail to Redwall Overlook

grand canyon south kaibab hiking tours
grand canyon tanner trail hiking

Another one of the Grand's most popular adventures, South Kaibab snakes spectacularly past perilous overlooks and onto buttes and temples that make our Grand so famous.

Difficulty:   Graduate

For the adventurous Canyon day hiker, Tanner is set away from some of the bustle of the South Rim, and offers unique challenges.  Observe one of the Canyon's main faults, spectacular side canyons, and revel in sweeping views of the Desert Palisades, a 4000ft sheer cliff.

Difficulty:   Graduate +
Trip Details
Trip Details


  Technical Grand Canyoneering

grand canyon grandview trail hiking
grand canyon hiking

Rivaling any hike in the Grand for scenery, Grandview tells you all you need to know about what to expect from this trail.  It's more rugged and away from the crowds at the South Rim, making it attractive to those looking for a more adventurous canyon experience.

Difficulty:   Graduate +

For the most adventurous canyoneer, we offer different technical canyoneering trips into some of the most remote and spectacular parts of Grand Canyon.  Inquire with our office about trip dates, locations, and availability.

​Difficulty:   Professor
Trip Details
Trip Details