Arizona Mogollon Rim Days

The "edge of the world", or more precisely the southern edge of the Colorado Plateau, can be found in central Arizona.  It is known as the Mogollon Rim, and contains some of the most dramatic and sweeping vistas in a state famous for said vistas.  Our adventures to this beautiful area will take us through geologic time, and reveal the complex and awesome history of not only the state of Arizona, but the entire North American continent.  Feel free to contact us with any questions, or to create your own Arizona Rim Day.

  Fossil SPrings

  Donohue Trail

fossil springs hiking
mogollon rim hiking

Fossil Springs will surprise and delight.  A spring that gushes and thunders into a creek that feeds a shady, cool, lush riparian area is not necessarily something that most expect to find in our desert, but here it is, and it is glorious.

Sweeping vistas of the Mogollon Rim and the Colorado Plateau, multi-billion year old rocks, and rugged adventure are just some of what you will find on this adventure!
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Trip Details

  East Clear Creek

  Willow Crossing

east clear creek mogollon rim hiking
willow crossing mogollon rim hiking

The sister trail to West Clear Creek, this is a bit less canyon, but no less beautiful, adventurous, and scenic.  Ample opportunity for rock scrambles, and highly inviting wading pools punctuate this tremendous adventure.

Hiking this great trail to a beautiful natural arch is a fulfilling and excellent experience.  Observing 1.7 billion years of Earth history along the way is just a sweet, sweet, geology bonus.
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Trip Details

  BEll Trail

bell trail mogollon rim hiking

Still considered to be in Red Rock Country, this scenic trail follows Wet Beaver Creek near Munds Mountain, combining to create excellent rock formations, lush riparian areas, and an excellent summer respite from the hot Sonoran summer.
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