Mojave Musing

The Mojave desert is an enigmatic and spectacular place, with remote, howling wilderness, epic sunsets, fascinating geology, and fantastical scenery.  Our lodge-based trips into this wild place explore and celebrate everything that the Mojave region has to offer, from National and State parks to unspoiled wilderness, hot springs, and little hole-in-the-wall spots that only your geologist/guide might have the low-down on.  Feel free to ​ contact us with any questions, or to create your own Mojave BaseCamp adventure.  Check out our Trip Calendar to see all of our great trips!
 Vegas Venture
 Furnace Creek Fancy
From the fabulous skyline of Las Vegas, NV, we will explore and be wild in some of the most excellent wilderness areas the Mojave Desert has to offer.  Valley of Fire State Park, Red Rock Canyon, Sloan Canyon, and Lake Mead are on the list, punctuated by all the wild sights and sounds of Sin City.  Optional technical rock climbing is included in this adventure.

Duration: 5 nights
​Cost: $2100/person
Situated in spectacular Death Valley National Park, the Furnace Creek Inn is one of the premier accomodations in the National Park system.  It will serve as our jumping point to explore the largest National Park in the United States, play in developed hot springs, and enjoy the spectacular scenery and geology that Death Valley has to offer.

Duration:  5 nights
Skill Level:   Undergraduate +
​Cost:  $2000/person
Trip Details
Trip Details