Sedona Day Hiking

Sedona is world-famous for its Red Rocks, and for many, its existential Zen.  A land of postcard scenery and spiritual vortices, Sedona has adventures from the sublime to the spectacular, along with just about everything else.  We will explore the wild canyons, springs, and incredible geology of this one-of-a-kind place, as Sedona has something special in store for just about everybody.  Feel free to contact us with any questions about these adventures, or to create your own Sedona Day

  Secret Canyon

  Loy Canyon

secret canyon sedona hiking
loy canyon sedona hiking

​Secret Canyon, and its namesake wilderness area, is one of the strongest reasons why people flock to red rock country year after year.  Sweeping vistas, coupled with remote wilderness away from the bustle of the touristy Sedona, Secret Canyon is a must for anyone looking for a wonderful day in thier lives.

​Loy Canyon is a quintessential Sedona Red Rock hike, traversing its way through awe-inpsiring views to the edge of the Mogollon Rim.  Although it is the canyon neighbor of Secret, it offers decidely different views, and is a tremendous adventure.  

Trip Details
Trip Details

  Boynton Canyon

  Fay Canyon

boynton canyon sedona hiking
fay canyon sedona hiking

​One of the more popular hikes in the region, Boynton boasts dramatic vistas, and exhilirating terrain.  Although solitude will be at a premium, even the most ardent of solitude-driven adventurers will be awed by what thier senses are confronted by on this fantastic adventure.

​Leading to a natural stone arch at its head, Fay Canyon provides an easy challenge with a very high scenery-to-work ratio.  On this adventure we will explore the beautiful arch, as well as venture into Fay Canyon to enjoy all it has to offer.

Trip Details
Trip Details

  Devil's Bridge/Vultee Arch

  Brins Mesa/Soldier's Pass

devils bridge sedona hiking
soldiers pass sedona hiking

​Two famous natural arches grace Sedona's excellent wilderness areas, and on this adventure, we will get to both of them.  Dramatically different in appearance, both Vultee and Devil's Bridge are dramatic, and have excellent work/reward ratios.

​This excellent adventure traverses some of Sedona's most beautiful areas, with tremendous views overlooking the town and the farthest reaches of the Red Rock Country.  We will also observe the Seven Sacred Pools, thought to hold mystical power and sacred to Puebloans who dwelled in this area thousands of years ago.

Trip Details
Trip Details

  Wilson Mountain

  Bear Mountain

wilson mountain sedona hiking
bear mountain sedona hiking

​For those looking to augment their Sedona adventures, Wilson Mountain will provide for you.  A bit more adventurous than most trails in the area, you will be rewarded by unforgettable vistas over Red Rock Country.  Wilson is the tallest mountain in Sedona, and is intensely rewarding to the adventurous hiker.

​Much like its counterpart Wilson Mountain, the advnenturous Sedona geology hiker will be rewarded greatly after being challenged on one of the more rugged trails in the area. Dramatic views and solitude await those that are up to the challenge. 

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Trip Details

  House Mountain

  Baldwin Trail

house mountain sedona hiking
baldwin trail sedona hiking

​An ancient shield volcano, House Mountain provides for a very unique, and some even say unusual Sedona experience.  It offers much the same as other incredible Sedona hikes, but augments that experience with solitude and geology not necessarily tyipcal of Sedona.  

​A quintessential Sedona stroll  along Oak Creek, with views of Bell Rock, Courthouse, and Cathedral, three iconic Sedona landmarks.  Great for the family, pets, and people of all experience levels.

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Trip Details